About Us

The North Eastern Electrical Traction Trust was formed 1n 1991 with the aims of working toward having a working tramway in the North East of England. As the group developed, it became clear that the cost would be a major hurdle to overcome. As a result we started to work towards tram preservation.

The aim was to work for the benefit of all electrical traction vehicles from all areas of the country and the rest of the world. NEETT’s first acquisition was Gras car 210 which was acquired from the West Yorkshire Transport Museum, along with a Bedford trolley bus 835.

NEETT1 (34)

The group struggled to find a home, but in late 2011 an agreement was reached to create a tram shed on the site of the North East Aircraft Museum. Once this was fully agreed the group set about acquiring further trams to add to their collection and the first of the Blackpool heritage fleet was secured, Balloon Car721. Very quickly after that they agreed with Blackpool Transport to take twin set 674 / 684 and the last ever built mainline British tram centenary car 647.

The group now has most of its fleet on site at the new NELSAM site which has moved from aircraft only to a transport museum.

The ambition to have a working line is still strong and is something which will be looked at as soon as funding allows.

We are a volunteer group and welcome new members to join us to restore and where possible return all of our traction fleet back to running condition.