Krefeld 412

NEETT1 (723)Built : 1957 by Duewag

Operated in Krefeld from 1957 until 1981

Our most well travelled tram is number 412, which originates from the German city of Krefeld. Constructed in 1957 by the prolific German tramcar manufacturer Duewag, 412 was known as a Grossraumwagen and was designed to haul one or more trailers, a practise common on tramways in continental Europe Number 412 enjoyed am active career spanning over two decades in its home city but it was withdrawn from service in 1981. The tram, plus Trailer 41, was then donated free of charge to Krefeld’s twin town of Leicester, with an old bus going the opposite way in exchange.


The original intention was to operate the newly acquired trams in one of Leicester’s parks and sufficient track and overhead was also donated by Krefeld to make the project a reality. However, this scheme failed to materialise and the two
trams became an encumbrance, languishing in a bus garage in Leicester until eventually they were separated with 412 finding its way to London after a period of outside storage on the Great Central Railway.

Unfortunately, its future prospects remained bleak, with the tram remaining outside atits new home in Walthamstow. However salvation came in 2013 when 412 was accepted into the collection of NEETT. Following many years exposed to the elements, it is not in the best external condition but the interior is intact and, one day, it should be returned to its former glory after so many years of neglect — finally finding a fulfilling role more than thirty years after first being imported into Britain